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This Is Where Noel Fielding Got His Shirt

Writing on lifestyle, arts, and culture. The arrival of Channel 4's incarnation of The Great British Bake Off sparked much discussion. Was it as good as the previous one? Were there too many adverts? Most importantly however, the internet demanded to know the answer to one burning question: where did Noel Fielding buy that spectacular shirt? Noel Fielding'a raven shirt is EVERYTHING #GBBO — Vonny Leclerc (@vonny_bravo) 29 August 2017 Dear internet, where can I get the shirt Noel Fielding is wearing on #gbbo ? — Leah Benzie (@leahbenzie) 29 August 2017 Brave souls asked the internet, and they were blessed with answers. Noel's beautiful, raven-patterned shirt was from the London-based luxury brand Silken Favours. The brand, under creative director Vicki Murdoch, not only makes wonderfully outlandish shirts, but also scarves, cushions, and even stationery. รองเท้าแฟชั่นผู้หญิง ขายส่ง It's a favourite of celebrities such as Alice Levine of My Dad Wrote A Porno (pictured below). Sadly, for admirers of the glorious garment, it appears to have been bought some time ago and is no longer available on the website.

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